I have been writing (in the creative sense) since I first learned how to write; writing poetry since pop song lyrics caught my attention in middle school and writing “literary” poetry since ee cummings entered my life as a freshman in high school.

My life cascaded past and I wrote poetry intermittently as time and life allowed until the time when I noticed my life was fleeting and I had not captured much on the page. At age 60, I determined to start again, punch the page and record and publish my poetry.

I started to really hammer away at poetry, using a modified Frank O’Hara Lunch Poems model – I wrote vociferously, volatilely and voluminously at my lunch hour at work. This became the oasis in the desert experience and four books of poetry seemingly self-published themselves over the next several years: the FUBAR Poems, Exploding Gorilla Hallways, Snow Falling Forever on a Train Wreck in Your Mind and Dirt Floor Universe. As you may surmise from the titles, these books exhibit a distinct lack of restraint. They explore probably hundreds of ad-hoc styles and forms and are generally reflective of a mind in poetic (and other) ferment.

Simultaneously, I began auditing and enrolling in university courses in poetry and poetry writing to focus my efforts………somewhat. I am currently enrolled in an MFA Program in Creative Writing, Poetry that will start in January,2018.

While my chief interest is in writing my own poetry, I am generally interested in poetics, and aesthetics. I will be pursuing the intersection of both during the course of my MFA studies.

My current work includes an in-progress book of sonnets and a corpus of some 100+ poems on various concerns including romance, the Midwest, art, aesthetics and many other “areas of inquiry”.

Some of my other interests are in the visual arts and other forms of writing. These are on temporary hold as I go end over end into poetry.